Living and Learning

This week has been all about living and learning with a new dog. Luna is amazing, has great skills and does really well training with me.  HOWEVER, just because she went through training doesn't mean she gets to skip her delightful teenage puppy years.  :)  This means she still gets a little too excited and jumps up at you to say hi and she will still chew on just about anything if you let her, oh and she LOVES to ignore you if she's had enough treats to satisfy her tummy.  So, I've been learning along side her the ways of raising a new puppyish dog and how to make this major life adjustment together.

Lessons I've Learned This Week:

  1. Don't give Luna a bowl of ice to cool down unless you want her to find more enjoyment over eating the bowl than the ice.  Lesson learned.
  2. I worry about Luna as much as my own kids when she is sick!  She had a stomach bug and we had to take her to the vet on Sunday to get her feeling better.  I get so anxious when she isn't feeling well.  Still working on this lesson.
  3. Know what you want when you take her to the groomers.  I wasn't very specific, as I have never had to get a dog groomed, and they shaved her down.  We can just say she is really able to cool off now but she's probably feeling like I did in my 3rd grade picture that still haunts me to this day.  :(  Lesson definitely learned and no pictures posted due to her request for privacy. 😉
  4. Squirrels, rabbits, birds and bees are way more interesting than listening to me.  We are working on it!

Those are the major lessons from lately.  Other than that she's been great at her training when we are at Hough and she has LOVED getting to know some of the Kindergarteners.  We will be doing a little morning meeting on Friday with them so we are both really looking forward to that.

Until then,

Mrs. Cantwell