Luna’s Ready!

Well, we have really gotten used to having little Miss Luna in our home and she’s been so wonderful this summer.  She is a whirling dervish in the mornings and wants to jump, play, lick everyone in our home first thing when waking up.  We’ve done a few little travels and boy is she a great girl to take on the road.  Overall, it’s been a brilliant summer of getting to know her and her us.  Throughout the summer I’ve been taking her to Hough and doing some trainings with her there, both with and without students.  It’s funny to see her transformation from a shy puppy going into a “huge” school to her thinking she now owns the place and can go wherever she pleases.  🙂  We have done a few things such as morning meetings with the new kindergarteners in JumpStart and we’ve gone out to recess with them as well.  Luna loves nothing more than to be surrounded by children and loved on.  It’s literally her favorite thing in the whole world which is what makes her such a fabulous therapy dog in training. ❤

So where do we go from here? Luna will be joining the Hough staff this year as a therapy-dog-in-training so she will be in building for the mornings to start and then work her way up to full day, every day.  She’s still very much a puppy which means she has to take naps and needs her down time or she gets overstimulated and then her naughtiness comes out…typically this when she stops listening and gets really hyper and hard to settle down. 😉 It’s very important to set her up for success in the building just like our students.  We want her to be successful from day one so taking this process slow and steady will ensure that she is at Hough for a long time and she will be happy to be there.  WE can’t wait to see her in action this year!

So now that we have less than a week until school starts it’s time to gear up and get Luna and myself well rested and ready to go for the year!  We can’t wait and we will see you SO SOON!!

Until next time,


Mrs. Cantwell

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