The Whirlwind

Well, Luna didn’t believe me when I told her the beginning of the school year is just a crazy whirlwind.  She really didn’t believe how tired she would be at the end of each day. 🙂  It’s been a crazy start to the year and I’m finding I don’t get quite as much done when I try to walk down the hall with a puppy in tow but it’s been amazing to see the transformation that has happened at Hough in such a short period of time!  Luna continues to be a focal point and brings the students at Hough a positive vibe.  She is something the kids REALLY look forward to.  I really can’t go anywhere in the building without being asked “where is Luna” or hear “LUNA is HERE!”  I’m pretty easy to find these days.


Luna’s favorite times are the first thing in the morning and when a small group comes in to play with her and give her all kinds of attention.  The morning routine is hilarious because you can always tell where Luna is, right in the middle of a swarm of children.  You can’t see her but you know she is there under the hands of about 20 kids.  I have to remind them to share, get to class before they are tardy and that she is available all day.  The kids really, really look forward to seeing her every morning. ❤

A school day in the life of Luna:

  1. Get swarmed by kids as the music plays (LOVE IT)
  2. Check in with some kiddos who need a good start to their day (LOVE IT)
  3. Hang out in my kennel while Mrs. Cantwell teaches groups (like it, don’t love it)
  4. Go for a walk down stairs to see Ms. Smith in the office for my daily treat (REALLY LOVE IT!)
  5. Hang out some more, play with my toys, have kids visit
  6. Potty break time
  7. Hang out some more
  8. Walk around the block during Mrs. Cantwell’s lunch
  9. Social groups!  (LOVE, LOVE IT)
  10. Lay in the hallway and watch the kids walk by getting ready to leave for the day (they always stop to say hello and give my head a good tussle).
  11. Check out with some kiddos who hopefully had a great day!

As much as the kids miss her when she isn’t there she misses them just as much.  🙂  The hard-working puppy LOVES her job and takes it seriously.



Until next time,


Mrs. Cantwell

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