Luna’s continued journey…

It’s been awhile!  Luna and I have been really busy with the beginning of the school year and it has been so much fun!  We’ve been working hard at school teaching students social skills, compassion and empathy, along with calming students when they are feeling upset or frustrated.


We had a FABULOUS “Book Character day!” Luna and I were dressed up as Dorothy and Toto and Anne was our Courageous Lion…the kids LOVED it.  One of my favorite days of teaching so far this year.  I feel like these are the moments kids remember about elementary school the most.  I will say it took me by surprise that quite a few kids didn’t know who Dorothy and Toto are though.  YIKES I feel old!  😉


It’s common to have students who start out with a rough day and it can continue on and interrupt their ability to learn all day long.  At Hough, we work hard on building relationships with all students.  In doing so it’s easier to get on the kids level and help them in their tough moments.  However, when a child is really escalated or upset even a preferred adult might not do the trick.  We’ve run into this problem over and over again.  It’s been much easier with Luna on staff.  Kids have NO problem relating with a puppy!  She can have a kid go from “having a bad day” or “I hate my life” to giggling in about 10 minutes.  It’s remarkable to watch.  When this happens kids can go back to learning and forget about their woes for a while.  It may take some extra breaks intermittently throughout the day but ultimately it works.  I think Luna may have MAGICAL powers.  😉

We get to show Vancouver Public Schools the power of Luna on November 28th at the school board meeting.  They wrote an article about Luna as well and it is so fun to see and hear other schools wanting to do this in their own schools.  I honestly believe EVERY school needs a therapy dog. She is changing lives and making school a place where kids want to be and can learn.  Not only learn their academics but also learn how to be the best person they can be as a whole child.  I could not be more proud of the Hough staff and what we do to help support kids.

Until next time,


Mrs. Cantwell