It’s been awhile

I’m not even going to pretend to have an excuse for why it’s been so long since I have written a blog post.  I have been swamped and the fact that I even considered writing a weekly or monthly blog about Miss Luna was a bit overzealous.  Soooo, how has it been going???  AMAZING!  I know I keep saying that but this four-legged, fluffball is sooooooo good at her job.  We have a lot of little wins every day.  She cheers kids up everywhere we go and they instantly get excited to see her.  But now that some time has gone by we have had some really big changes as well.

First, kids have started working for time with Luna.  They are wanting to earn their time with her and if they show some consistent responsibility and improvement they can even get a “training session” with her.  She is a wonderful motivator for the kids.  This is a huge skill for kids to learn responsibility, compassion, resiliency and patience.  They don’t instantly get time with Luna, they have to earn it and it’s hard and I raise the bar and they are achieving it!  I’m so impressed with their skills.  Sometimes they will set a goal and then they will have a hard day and don’t get their time, this is a huge disappointment but it’s also a learning opportunity.  Kids have to fail and be disappointed and make those mistakes to learn resiliency and perseverance.  These life skills are hard to teach but Luna makes it a natural learning experience which is the best kind!


Second, we have had less visits from our DRO (District Resource Officer) for escalated kids.  Luna is not used when kids escalate because of safety, however, kids know that and will not escalate when she is around or have learned to regulate so they can continue to have access to her.  This is a HUGE skill and a very powerful one that teachers work on forever, however, Luna can teach it so much better!  😉


Lastly, Luna has started going into classrooms without me!  She’s been a reward for classrooms that have all their work in and has been joining classes for quiet time.  I’m thinking she may start joining classes for morning meetings as well.  One more step towards Luna being the employee of the month! 😉

So yes, we’ve been busy, changing one little life at a time.  Luna is a hard working, fabulous staff member at Hough and we are so happy to have her!


Until next time,


Mrs. Cantwell