Teacher Life

Being a teacher these days is a tricky business.  A state wide teacher strike and the political discussions of having teachers be responsible for keeping children alive hasn’t been easy.  Teaching has always been tough, I’ve been in this business for 13 years and it’s never been a walk in the park…but it has always been worth it.  The kids, no matter what stress, bad press, or complication have always been the focus and the job.

I think Luna has started to feel the same way.  She loves the kids…she loves the staff as well.  With all of the stress lately, she’s been needed more than ever and I think  she knows it.  This girl has stepped up her game!  I’ve been working hard with some tough kiddos who have a very hard time regulating themselves and have some big behaviors because of it.  They try so hard but man is it tricky and trying to fight some really ingrained impulsivity at such a young age is difficult.  That being said, I raised the bar and so did they…in the good way thank goodness!  The kids have been working hard and if they get to their goal they get to do training with Luna.  It’s impressive how hard kids work when Luna is involved.  I’ve had 5 of 9 kids working on this goal and they have met it lately.  It’s been awesome to watch them train Luna and it’s been fabulous to have Luna listening to kids and learning to ignore distractions.  WIN WIN!!!  YAY!  Enjoy the video!

Until next time,

Mrs. Cantwell